January 7, Adoption Fair

The event for Saturday at Pet Supermarket has tentatively been moved to Sunday (January 8th) from noon - 3 pm at Pet Supermarket.  In the event of the roads still being dangerous on Sunday, we may choose to cancel the event completely this weekend.  Please make sure to check in on our facebook page for the most updated information.  www.facebook.com/steppingstonescaninerescue

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tail....

Of the cutest puppies there every were!

Skipper, Professor, Gilligan, Mary Ann, and Ginger are all making their debut this weekend

along with Baloo, Kira, George, and more!

Come meet the SS adoptable dogs on Sunday
from noon until 3 pm
Thruway Shopping Center
412 S. Stratford Rd, WS 27103